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Teaching Methods

View Resource Sampling SIM: Sampling Distributions

This webpage provides instructions for teaching sampling distributions using Sampling SIM software. It includes information regarding prerequisite knowledge, common misconceptions, and objectives, as...
View Resource Statistical Literacy Curriculum Design

A specially-designed statistical literacy course is needed for college students in majors that donĂ¢??t require statistics or mathematics. This paper suggests that key topics in conditional prob...

This paper presents rules for determining whether an index variable in such a table is part or whole depending on whether the associated margin value is an average, a sum or a 100% sum. Tables with...
View Resource STATS 46 Issue 46, Fall 2006

This issue contains an article that provides an example of a paired samples test related to flying and gliding. It also includes an article about understanding confounding from lurking variables...
View Resource STATS 47 Issue 47, Spring 2007

This issue contains an interview with Sallie Keller-McNulty and an article about which came first?the chicken or the egg. Other articles include a discussion related to an AP Statistics example of...
View Resource STATS: The Magazine for Students of Statistics

STATS magazine contains many articles that may be of interest to students of statistics and educators. Articles vary from those that are meant to teach and inform about different concepts and...
View Resource Teaching with, and preparing guided notes for your lecture

A useful site for instructors to learn how to create and incorporate guided notes into their classroom.
View Resource The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education

This site provides the contents of the online book "The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education".
View Resource The First Day of Class

This one-page document gives some helpful tips about the first day of class. It gives short advice on creating a first impression, establishing rapport, clarifying expectations, collecting...
View Resource Three Graphs to Promote Statistical Literacy

This paper presents three graphs that are used in teaching students majoring in business and the humanities. These graphs show the influence of confounding, the meaning of statistical significance,...
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