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View Resource **Many Eyes

Many Eyes is a beta site created by IBM that encourages users to explore its featured set of tools that can be used to explore data visually. This site has an area for featured data sets and is...
View Resource 1993 New Car Data

This dataset describes 93 new cars for the 1993 model year with 26 variables, including price, mpg ratings, and engine size; it also illustrates a broad range of statistical techniques such as...
View Resource 2000 Hate Crime Statistics

This is an article which contains background information as well as 14 tables for the hate crime statistics in 2000. The document is divided into methodology, hate crime statistics, and...
View Resource A Dataset that is 44% Outliers

This article describes a dataset of days in office of US Presidents with outliers that are not mistakes or unusually high or low observations. The data illustrate that outliers need not be errors but...
View Resource A Positively Skewed Distribution

This assignment asks students to explore a set of data which is positively skewed. The data come from a survey of college students asking how vulnerable they feel about the loss of a parent.
View Resource A Simple Dataset for Demonstrating Common Distributions

This dataset contains the time of birth, sex, and birth weight for 44 babies born in one 24-hour period at a hospital in Brisbane, Australia. The data can be used for studying some common...
View Resource Additional Datasets for "A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis"

This webpage presents three new datasets to accompany the book "A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis" by Chatterjee, Handcock and Simonoff. The datasets address salaries of...
View Resource Alcohol Interaction Study in Men

This dataset comes from a study of 23 healthy male subjects in a five period crossover study. Each subject followed a randomly allocated sequence of five treatments. Blood samples were collected...
View Resource American FactFinder

This resource presents population, housing, economic, and geographic data. (U.S. Census Bureau)
View Resource An Exhalent Problem for Teaching Statistics

The dataset presented in this article contains information on respiratory function and smoking. The data can be used to explore descriptive statistics, graphical analysis, regression, and...
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