A few corrections to the Chance Wiki page

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I made it this far, so I guess it's pretty easy. I did have to print out the directions though. Seems like a cool idea to me.

I noticed some typos and/or other errors on the Main Page and How to submit an article Page. I've put corrections in bold.

Main Page

(1) 2nd sentence should be:

Its aim is to provide the public a better understanding of chance news reported by the media, and to allow teachers of probability and statistics courses to enliven their courses with current news.

How to submit an article Page

(1) There should be a space between the period at the end of sentence #3 and the first word of senetence #4 (i.e. ... page. You ...)

(2) The comma in sentence 5 should be after "changes" not "and".

(3) In the last sentence of the paragraph that describes how to add an article, "Show Previous" should be "Show preview" and "Show Page' should be "Show page" (small "p".)

I hope this is helpful--