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2015 USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Category Institution Instructor Mentor Project
First Place

Jiaming Zeng
Berk Ustun

Interpretable Classification Models for Recidivism Prediction Applied MIT Cynthia Rudin View 
Second Place Sara Stoudt Geostatistical Models for the Spatial Distribution of Uranium in the Continental United States Applied Smith Ben Baumer View 
Third Place Bryan Martin Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Mode of Transportation Using Smartphone Sensor Data Applied Macalester Vittorio Addona Unavailable
First Place Adam Chen Examining Alternative Estimators Through a Simulation Study in R Theoretical Florida Atlantic Lianfen Qian View 
Second Place Hwanwoo Kim A Sample Size Calculator for SMART Pilot Studies Theoretical University of Michigan Edward Ionides View 
Third Place Allison McConnell
Brittany Hampton
Tony Silveti-Falls
Casey Bausell
Comparison of Bayesian Credible Intervals to Frequentist Confidence Intervals Theoretical California State - Chico Katharine Gray View