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2021 Spring USCLAP Winners

Introductory Statistics

Standing Authors Title Institution Instructor Mentor Project
1st Chris Stuckart, Charlie Henehan, & Ahmed Cheema Modeling Shot Probability in the NBA Grinnell College Sean McMannamy View
2nd Hakeem Ceesay, Reid VonDielingen, & Riley Mulshine Number of Deaths Caused By Earthquakes Analysis University of Notre Dame Victoria Woodard View
3rd Jordan Perry, Ellie Tsapatsaris, Jimin Lee, & Sofia Pelayo Exploring Gender Inequality in Hollywood: A Correlational Analysis on the Impact of Female Representation on Film Prosperity in the Movie Industry Swarthmore College Amanda Luby View
Honorable Mention Chaz Del Mar, Michael Lozada, & David Jensen An Investigation of Compensation Disparities in St. Louis Michigan Grinnell College Sean Mcmannamy View
Honorable Mention Trang Dang, Lucy Fetterman, & Yulin Chen NYC Squirrel Behavior Analysis Swarthmore College Amanda Luby View

Intermediate Statistics

Standing Authors Title Institution Instructor Mentor Project
1st Naomie Gao, Foxx Hart, Alex Jackson, Sean Li, & Damary Gutierrez Hernandez Opioid Relapse Prevention: A Survival Analysis Comparing Two Treatments Adjusting for Covariates Duke University Yue Jiang View
2nd Ethan Ashby A Regularized Cox Regression Approach to the Health Evaluation and Linkage to Primary Care (HELP) Clinical Trial Pomona College Jo Hardin View
3rd Quinn White & Rose Evard Predicting Depression in the United States: Are Sexual Orientation, Race, and Income Related to Taking Depression Medication? Smith College Miles Ott View
Honorable Mention Nicholas Campion, Eva Hill, Henry Firestone, & Emma Gaydos The Relationship Between Score and Driving Distance on the Professional Golfer's Association (PGA) Tour Grinnell College Shonda Kuiper View
Honorable Mention Peri Cannavo, Emily Cohen, & Lindsay Wang Analysis of Factors Influencing the Probability of a Nominated Film Winning an Academy Award for Best Picture Williams College Xizhen Cai View