Jiayu Wu - Prices of Houses in Oxford-Cincinnati Area

In order to determine the price of housing in both the Cincinnati and Oxford areas, we used Realtor.com to obtain our data for research. Using the multiple regression model, we developed a model with the ability to predict the price of a house in either location based upon location, square footage, number of bedrooms, lot size, and the interaction between the location and lot size. We originally started with a full model that included all predictors and all possible interaction terms.

Alison Winiarski - The Effect of Music Type, Gender, and Learner Type on Auditory Comprehension

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect that differing musical genres, gender, and learner type have on auditory comprehension. This was tested by having instrumental or popular music playing while the participants walked in a room and were read aloud a story. Participants were then administered an auditory comprehension questionnaire based on the story. It was found that the music genre (p-value = 0.4942) and gender (p-value = 0.4876) had no significant effect on reading comprehension, but the learning type of the individual did have a significant effect (p-value = 0.034).

Brendan Seto - Simple Statistical Calculator

Increasingly, we are being exposed to an exorbitant amount of data. Statistical calculations can be difficult even for those with years of formal training. Yet community researchers, NGOs and grass roots organizations often struggle to perform basic analyses that could dramatically impact their operations or lead to important policy changes. Skilled professional statisticians are often difficult to find, and traditional statistical programs, while extremely powerful, may be too complex for many analysts and often have a learning curve too steep for the general populous.