eUSR Video Competition - Winners

Students who have conducted undergraduate research in the last year can submit their work to the eUSR Best Video Presentation Competition. The video submissions should be approximately 5 minutes in length. Presentations are judged based on the presenter's ability to convey the main research question and findings, the originality and significance of the work, the quality of the slides, the organization and flow of the presentation, and their ability to answer questions during the Friday Q&A.


Standing Authors Title Institution Instructor Mentor Project
1st Amelia Tran Association between Bilirubin and Survival in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Mt. Holyoke College Audrey Mauguen View
1st Freddy Barragan Gene Expression & Clinical Differences in Neuroblastoma by Sex Macalaster College Lindsay Williams View


Standing Authors Title Institution Instructor Mentor Project
1st Anna Ballou Quantitative Analysis of Polygenic Risk Score Prediction in the Genes for Good Cohort Smith College Matthew Zawistowsk View
1st Madelon Basil Forestry Data Science: Reclassifying LANDFIRE's Existing Vegetation Type Variable Swarthmore College Kelly McConville View
Honorable Mention Jennifer Eberling Distribution of Shots in Women's College Basketball University of Vermont Katherine Merril View


Standing Authors Title Institution Instructor Mentor Project
1st Katie Jolly & Katya Kelly Digitizing, Districting, and Data - Creating an Open Source Precinct Shapefile for Ohio Macalester College Alicia Johnson View
1st Emily Poehlein & Jan Figueroa Understanding the Opioid Crisis in Iowa through Data Vassar College; University of Iowa Grant Brown View