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Keynote Address - Data Science Career Catalysts

Presented by:
Sydeaka Watson, Senior Research Scientist (Data Scientist) at Eli Lilly and Company

My undergraduate and graduate math and statistics education provided a strong technical foundation for my data science career. However, in my transition from student to professional, I found that developing equally important non-technical skills allowed me to have more control over the direction and speed of my career trajectory. Fortunately, I met other professionals along the way who helped me to appreciate the value of networking, mentorship, and many other career catalysts that kickstart professional development. I also learned how to navigate around unspoken rules and expectations in corporate culture that can make or break a career. And, importantly, I eventually understood that public speaking can serve as a vehicle for forging professional partnerships and creating opportunities. In this talk, I will share my academic and professional journey and highlight the non-technical principles that helped to shape my career trajectory.