Data Science as a Team Sport

Presented by:
Gabriela de Quieroz (Senior Engineering & Data Science Manager, IBM)

Data Science careers are in high demand, with many job opportunities and attractive salaries. As a relatively new career, it is ambiguously defined, and the job description of a data scientist can vary greatly from company to company. For those reasons, Data Science has attracted both new grads and career changers from all sorts of different fields. For Statisticians, Data Science is an exciting opportunity to apply your hard-earned skills to a variety of interesting and challenging problems. Having a solid Statistics background will give you a head start in that direction. However, Data Science is much more than pure Statistics knowledge. Being able to recognize and take advantage of a team with a diverse set of experiences will provide you with a unique opportunity to grow individually while benefiting your entire team. In this talk, I will walk you through my career journey, the different roles a Data Scientist can take, useful skills for a successful career and lessons learned.

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