eUSRC 2017 - Program

12:00 - 1:30 p.m. EDT:

Plenary Talks by USPROC Award Winners (Undergraduate Students)

Moderator: Becky Tang, Swarthmore College

12:00 - 12:15 p.m.

Speaker: Hope Johnson, Macalester College

Title: Survival Analysis of a Criminal Justice Decision Algorithm

12:15 - 12:30 p.m.

Speaker: Nick Solomon, DataCamp

Title: Local Dependence in Exponential Random Network Models

12:30 - 12:45 p.m.

Speaker: Jennifer Niemann, Marshall University

Title: Statistical Modeling of Environmental Data with Non-Detects

12:45 - 1:00 p.m.

Speakers: Subashini Sridhar, Ji Won Chung, Zainab Rizvi, and Ji Young Yun, Smith College

Title: A Business Opportunity: Targeting Expedia’s Niche Market in Travel Packages Via Analytical and Predictive Modeling

1:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Announcements & Prize Drawings

1:30 - 2:15 p.m. EDT:

Keynote Address by David Robinson, Data Scientist, Stack Overflow

Moderators: Katherine Jolly and Fiona Adams, Macalester College


The Procrastinator’s Guide to a Data Science Career


The best approach to a data science career involves discipline, organization, and patience. So what do you do if you have none of those traits? In this talk, I'll share strategies for entering a career in data science or statistics, based on my own experience working as a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow and my history as an inveterate procrastinator. With the right philosophy, procrastination can a surprisingly productive strategy that is especially well-suited to the modern field of data science. Putting off urgent but unimportant work can help procrastinators focus on more meaningful long-term projects, or on improving their own skill set. Most importantly, this fits well with a philosophy of producing public work in the form of blogs, open source projects, and social media, which is among the most effective ways to join the data science community and advance one's own career. These strategies work well even for aspiring data scientists with healthier work habits.

2:15 - 3:00 p.m. EDT:

Virtual Poster Session

Presenters will be standing by to answer your questions during this time. If you would like to post a comment, simply log in with one of the social media services listed or post as a guest by signing up with Disqus (first name and e-mail required).

3:00 - 5:00 p.m. EDT:

Professional Development Panels

Please join us for several panels focused on graduate school, industry jobs, and diversity in our fields led by leaders in these fields.

3:00 - 3:35 p.m. - Graduate School Panel

Moderated by: Dan Sweeney, University of Michigan

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3:40 - 4:15 p.m. - Careers in Industry Panel

Moderated by: Han Zhang and Sai Bolla, University of Michigan

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4:20 - 5:00 p.m. - Diversity in Statistics Panel

Moderated by: Alyssa Farmer and Sally Dufek, Northern Kentucky University

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