eUSR Conference 2016 - Recordings

The second annual electronic undergraduate statistics research conference took place on Friday, October 21, 2016. This free e-conference included plenary presentations by USPROC student award winners, virtual poster presentations by undergraduate statistics students, a keynote addresses by Rob Gould, a professional development panel on careers in statistics, and a virtual exhibit hall with graduate program representatives. Some frequently asked questions are here.

Plenary Talks

Keynote Address

  • Title: Statistician or Data Scientist?

    Abstract: Statistics, the discipline, has long struggled with identify issues.  Leo Breiman compared and contrasted the predictive culture with the inferential culture in 2001, but long before, in the 1940's, Demings and Hotelling differed about  whether mathematical theory or practical application was the best preparation for future statisticians.  Today, with the advent of data science majors and data science MS degrees, students might feel torn by the need to choose between two data identities: statistician or data scientist.  In this talk, we'll discuss these pathways so that, hopefully, you will be better prepared to choose.

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Virtual Poster Session

Professional Development Panels