Our Team


Other Personnel

  • Dominic Dousa, The University of Texas at El Paso (composition)
  • Stephen Haddad, The University of Texas at El Paso (recordings)
  • Bob Carey, The Pennsylvania State University (programming)

Engineering and Editing Assistant

  • Joshua Lintz, UTEP Multidisciplinary Studies Major


  • Valeria Parada, UTEP Commercial Music Major
  • Mary Haddad, UTEP Master's Graduate in Vocal Performance
  • Mariana Sandoval, UTEP Vocal Performance Major


Writer  Backgrounds in music and in statistics/STEM 

Amy Adler (Austin, TX)

Songwriter, cantorial soloist, music teacher, CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner
Greg Crowther (Seattle, WA) Biology lecturer at Everett Community College, research and outreach includes songs in STEM, founder and curator (since 2004) of database (singaboutscience.org) of 7000+ STEM songs
Dominic Dousa (El Paso, TX) Classical music theory and composition faculty at UTEP; (piano) accompanist and chamber musician; MS and college teaching experience in statistics
Monty Harper (Stillwater, OK) Award-winning full-time touring performer/writer of educational science songs; MS in mathematics
Larry Lesser (El Paso, TX) Award-winning statistics education professor at UTEP; award-winning songwriter; published about 100 STEM/education lyrics and a dozen papers on using music in statistics/math courses
Tom Toce (New York City, NY) Theater/cabaret songwriter with album cuts and ASCAP awards; senior actuarial adviser at Ernst & Young; Fellow of Casualty Actuarial Society

SMILES Advisory Board & Evaluator

Member (affiliation) Backgrounds
Kim Bennett (Associate Professor of Mathematics, Perimeter College at Georgia State University) Teaches introductory statistics in an online environment.
Monica Dabos (Statistics Specialist at California State University, Channel Islands) Co-PI of the Teaching a New Generation of Statistics Educators Stat Ed (TANGO Stat Ed) project building a foundation for statistics education reform among the nation’s community colleges.
Louis J. Gross (Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics, University of Tennessee at Knoxville) Director of the Institute for Environmental Modeling, Director of National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS), and a national leader in undergraduate biology education.
Ellen Gundlach (Managing Director of The Data Mine. Purdue University) Associate Editor of Journal of Statistics Education, coordinated the large statistical concepts course at Purdue (online and classroom-based), former Associate Editor for the CAUSEweb digital library and former host of the monthly CAUSE Teaching and Learning webinar series, currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health, and has received numerous awards for her teaching.
Michael Posner (Associate Professor of Statistics, Villanova University) Founding Director of the Center for Statistics Education at Villanova; co-PI of the NSF-funded TANGO Stat Ed project; Former Associate Director for Professional Development for CAUSE; Executive Committee of the Section on Statistical Education for American Statistical Association, and ASA Fellow.
Jennifer J. Kaplan (Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Middle Tennessee State University)

A widely-published award-winning statistics education researcher, the Director of the Mathematics and Science Education PhD program at Middle Tennessee State University, and the regular issues Editor of Statistics Education Research Journal; also the independent evaluator on our NSF-funded Project UPLIFT.