Is the Conclusion Fitting?

  1. Does a new pair of Levi's® jeans shrink when washed? A random sample of 100 pairs of Levi's® jeans with a size 28-inch waist is planned and then they will be individually washed and then measured. State the null and alternate hypotheses for this situation.

    Null Hypothesis:
    Alternate Hypothesis:
  2. What significance level (alpha) might you use to conduct this hypothesis test? State it as a decimal:
  3. After data are collected the researcher can compute a p-value. Provide a possible p-value (different from alpha) that might be obtained. State it as a decimal to the thousandths place:
  4. It is important to avoid strict adherence to cut-offs and report the actual numerical P-value so the reader can make their own interpretation in the context of the problem. After comparing your answers in the above items, complete the following sentence with a word: "The p-value is than the alpha."
  5. Based on your answer to the above item, rigidly using an arbitrary cutoff value for significance would lead to what conclusion about the null hypothesis: "We the null hypothesis."

  6. What should be taken into account in drawing a conclusion from an hypothesis test?