A Fitting Conclusion

  1. Does a new pair of Levi's® jeans shrink when washed? A random sample of 100 pairs of Levi's® jeans with a size 28-inch waist is planned and then they will be individually washed and then measured. State the null and alternate hypotheses for this situation.

    Null Hypothesis:
    Alternate Hypothesis:
  2. What significance level (alpha) might you use to conduct this hypothesis test? State it as a decimal:
  3. After data are collected the researcher can compute a p-value. Provide a possible p-value (different from alpha) that might be obtained. State it as a decimal to the thousandths place:
  4. After comparing your answers in the above items, complete the following sentence with a word: "The p-value is than the alpha."
  5. Based on your answer to the above item, complete the following conclusion about the null hypothesis: "We the null hypothesis."