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2008-2009 CAUSE/AMATYC Traveling Workshop series

Six day-long workshops at various Two-Year Colleges

CAUSE partnered with AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges) to offer six professional development workshops specifically designed to assist and improve teaching techniques for statistics instructors at two-year colleges. AMATYC is the only organization exclusively devoted to providing a national forum for the improvement of mathematics education in the first two years of college.

All workshops included the recommendations in Beyond the Crossroads and the American Statistical Association endorsed Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE; Additional topics and material were included based on the input and suggestions of the hosting institution. Geographically spread, these workshops provided an opportunity for many two-year college instructors to obtain professional development in the field of statistics that otherwise would not have had the opportunity. The workshops were provided at no cost to the attendees, an important factor as many two-year colleges do not have the resources to fund travel and registration fees for professional development. Evaluations were conducted on all workshops by SAMPI of Western Michigan University. Pat Averbeck of Edmonds Community College in Washington, was the AMATYC workshop coordinator for this series responsible for identifying host institutions.

  1. Everett Community College, Everett, Washington, hosted the first AMATYC Statistics Traveling Workshop on October 25, 2008 with Bob delMas (University of Minnesota) presenting to 22 participants from ten different Washington educational institutions. The workshop focused on current strategies, resources and research about the teaching and learning of introductory statistics as well as use of in-class activities.

  2. Brian Smith (McGill University) presented an AMATYC Introductory Statistics Workshop as a part of the IMACC (Illinois Mathematical Association of Community Colleges) Conference held at Lincoln Land Community College in Champaign, Illinois on March 27 & 28, 2009. The workshop focused on the implementation of the GAISE Guidelines and was attended by 23 participants from 17 different institutions.

  3. Palm Beach Community College, Palm Beach, Florida, hosted the workshop held March 27, 2009 with Allan Rossman (Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo) presenting "Teaching Introductory Statistics with Activities and Data". Thirty-three attendees representing 17 different institutions participated.

  4. Tom Short (John Carroll University) presented the topics: active learning; using real data; and using technology, at the May 19, 2009 workshop held on the Rockville, Maryland campus of Montgomery College. Twenty-three attended from eight different area institutions.

  5. Oklahoma City Community College (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) hosted presenters Beth Chance and Allan Rossman (Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo) presenting "Teaching Introductory Statistics with Activities and Data" on July 10, 2009 to 23 attendees, from three different institutions and representing individuals who taught statistics from the fields of mathematics, economics and social sciences.

  6. Chris Franklin (University of Georgia) presented "Developing a Statistically Literate Society: Promoting Statistical Thinking for all Students" at the Anderson campus of Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, South Carolina on November 6, 2009. Twenty-seven attendees from seven different institutions participated.