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A MOSAIC is drawn from different sources of material to compose a coherent picture or pattern. Similarly, we draw from the traditionally separate quantitative topics of Modeling, Statistics, Computation, and Calculus to provide a more coherent curriculum for undergraduate quantitative education.


Upcoming MOSAIC Events

Next M-casts & Archive of previous M-casts & Instructions for Tuning In

Highlighted Event: MAA PREP Workshop: Modeling in Calculus: Early and Often, July 9-13, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, registration soon available at MAA site

Recent Events

Funding is provided by the US National Science Foundation DUE-0920350.

Welcome to Project MOSAIC

Project MOSAIC is a community of educators working to develop new ways to introduce mathematics, statistics, computation, and modeling to students in colleges and universities. Our goal is to present these topics in an integrated way to help students develop the skills needed to navigate the natural and social sciences in today's world.

Themes: Statistics, Calculus, Computing, Modeling

Courses: Applied Calculus (Spring 2012), Statistical Modeling (Fall 2012)

Assessment: Modeling Concept Inventory

Software Resources: mosaic R package & other R resources, Sage

Interest Groups: Post-intro Statistics Course, Epidemiology, Teaching Stats with R

Navigation: Some pages on this wiki are available to the public, but most of the site is accessible only to educators who have a Project MOSAIC account. To get an account, contact


MOSAIC Course Implementations:


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