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For more information on this BioCalc wiki click here and for a Material Description Key, click here to go to bottom of this page.

Functions and Graphs

Linear functions (SLIDE, theoretical)

A 1-2 page slide to introduce students to linear functions with the hope that they will stop treating functions like the square root as though it were linear. Students also see simple proofs. Uses MathJax which may not display well on all web browsers.


Differentiability, Tangent Line-Linear Approximation (AP, theoretical)

An ap to illustrate how the first derivative relates to the slope of the tangent line. Move slider to move tangent line and draw first derivative. Can also draw second derivative. Includes examples for sin(x), cos(x), x^2, x^3, and sqrt{x}.


Functions of Several Variables

Linear Algebra

First-Order Differential Equations

Higher-Order and Systems of Differential Equations

Links to useful web pages

Please add links to useful websites. Please include a short description.

Course websites

Isabel Darcy's MATH:1850 Calculus I website

Contains syllabus and links to teaching material including exams.

Other types of websites

Calculus TestCreator

To create calculus exams w/answers.

Material description key

Please use the following list to describe your material (feel free to add to list). Please use all CAPS to indicate type of material and lower case for interest area

Types of material:

SLIDE: 1-2 page slide which can be displayed before class starts or after class ends to illustrate an important concept.

AP: an ap, often involving visualization, to illustrate a concept.

MODULE: a teaching module which can be used during lecture. Please indicate estimated length of time needed to present this material

PROJECT: a project which students can work on in class or in discussion section. Please indicate estimated length of time needed for students to complete the project and if it would work well as a group project.

CLICKER: clicker questions.


Interest areas:


biology: general biology application

pre-med: application involving medicine.