The powerball lottery suspects fraud, but its the Fortune Cookies

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Who needs Giacomo? Bet on the fortune cookie
New York Times, May 11, 2005, National desk; Pg 1
Jennifer Lee

For the powerball lottery, a player chooses 5 distinct number from 1 to 49 which we will call basic numbers. In addition you choose another number between 1 to 40 we will call the "bonus number". The lottery chooses 6 such numbers at random. If your 6 numbers agree with theirs you win the jackpot (a huge amount). If others make the same choice you have to share the jackpot with them. There are additional smaller prizes for getting smaller number of matches. For example if buy a $1 icket and your 5 basic numbers match those of the lottery but your powerball number does not you get $100,000 which you do not have to share with other such winners. (In fine print on the back of the ticket the lottery says that in rare occasions the amount you win might be less than $100,000) . When you buy 1$ lottery ticket the lottery offers you another bet. If can pay an additional $1 for the "Power Play". For this the lottery choose a number at random from the five numbers 2,3,4,5,5. If ou win any prize other than the Jackpot your prize will be mutiplied the number chosen by the lottery.

On March 30 drawing of the Powerball lottery, 110 players made a $1 bet and chose as their five basic numbers 22,28,32,33,39 and as their bonus number they chose 40. 26 of these players payed another dollar for the Power Play. The lottery chose the same basic number but 42 for their bonus number. They chose 5 for their power play number. Thus the lottery had to pay out