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== Eggplants in New Jersey ==

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$23 billion, 30 million New Yorkers gives $800 per capita

--Paul Campbell, Beloit College

Really bad when misleading

Early in the AIDs crisis, there was a story in the San Diego Union about a study of married couples where one person was infected as a result of pre-screening auto accident transfusion. The particularly valuable aspect of this study was that the time of infection was established but neither person had any idea that they might have AIDS. The study, while small, showed a much stronger male to female transmission than vice versa. Over many years sexual activity, sharing bathrooms (including, in some instances, toohbrushes), almost no men became sero-positive and less than half the women converted.

That this infection assymetry was particularly good news re AID's becoming pandemic outside of high risk populations was totally lost on the reporter. Indeed the headline was something along the lines of: "Study shows women at ten times the risk of getting AIDS"


Eggplants in New Jersey