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  • Use a mildly lower heat, and cover the pan with a lid for some of the cooking period. An ideal sunnyside up has a runny yolk, but the white should be co *Cooking temperature specified.
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  • ==Is someone cooking the unemployment numbers?==
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  • (*)The amount of olive oil includes oil used for cooking and salads and oil consumed in meals eaten outside the home. In the group a ...the visible fat (or the skin) of chicken, duck, pork, lamb, or veal before cooking and the fat of soups, broths, and cooked meat dishes before consumption.
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  • ...p/Chance_News_88#Is_someone_cooking_the_unemployment_numbers.3F Is someone cooking the unemployment numbers?] in Chance News 88 for discussion surrounding a g
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  • ...elusive is finding a single gene which determines an attribute such as IQ, cooking ability, or musical talent. Or, the very human trait of being “nice.”
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