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     <td>Within Normal Hours</td>
     <td>Within Normal Hours</td>
     <td> <div align="center">12</div></td>
     <td> <div align="center">12</div></td>
The results are:
Difference = p (1) - p (2)
Estimate for difference:  0.170035
95% CI for difference:  (0.0346494, 0.305420)
Test for difference = 0 (vs not = 0):  Z = 2.37  P-Value = 0.018
Fisher's exact test: P-Value = 0.026
1. Why is the Fisher exact test P-Value (0.026) to be preferred to the other P-Value mentioned (0.018)?
2. The Wall Street Journal mentioned several caveats “making it difficult to determine the underlying reasons for the after-hours patients’ poor outcomes.”  List a few practical significance hedges to the statistically significant result.
    <td> <div align="center">70</div></td>
    <td> <div align="center">.1714</div></td>

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Breaking News

The Wall Street Journal of September 8, 2009 reports on a study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: “The researchers compared the outcomes of patients who underwent surgery between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. for fractures of the femur or tibia to those who had comparable surgeries for similar fractures outside those normal hours.”




Sample Size
Sample Proportion
Outside Normal Hours


Within Normal Hours