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Chance News reviews current issues in the news that use probability or statistical concepts. Its aim is to provide the public a better understand of chance news news reported by the media and to allow teachers of probability and statistics courses to liven their courses with current news.

From September 1992 to January 2005, an editor and a small number of regular contributors prepared Chance News. As of April 2005 Chance News will be a collaborative effort of its readers in the spirit of the very successful Wikimedia projects. These include a free Encyclopedia, a newspaper, and a series of books . We will use the Wikimedia software that makes it easy for a reader to add a new chance item, or to modify an existing chance news items (hopefully improving it). As are the Wikmedia projects, Chance News will be freely available under the GNU Free Documentation License

To add a new item, click on "Current Chance News". Choose "edit" from the top of the page and replace the first available "item" in the table of contents by the title of your contribution. Then check this by choosing "Show preview" from the bottom of the page. If it is o.k. choose "save" from the bottom of the page. Then click on your title and a new page will appear. Choose "edit" from the top of the page and type in our contribution. Then again preview it and if it is o.k. save it and we will have a new item in the current chance news. Use edit, preview and save in the same way to make changes in an existing Chance News item. Be brave! For further information about editing choose "help" from the side bar.

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