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*[[Chance News 83]]: 3/1/2012 to 3/31/2012
*[[Chance News 83]]: 3/1/2012 to 3/31/2012
*[[Chance News 82]]: 2/14/2012 to 2/29/2012
*[[Chance News 82]]: 2/14/2012 to 2/29/2012
*[[Chance News 81]]: 1/18/2012 to 2/13/2012
*[[Previous Chance News]]
*[[Previous Chance News]]

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Chance News reviews current stories in the news that involve probability or statistical concepts. It is freely available under the GNU Free Documentation License. Issues are prepared (approximately) monthly. To be notified when a new issue is posted, click here, and the List Manager will prompt you for your e-mail address. The first time you do this, you will be told your address is not recognized---Click "Use this address anyway" to register. On subsequent visits, the List Manager will generate a message with instructions for updating your notification status if you wish to do so.

Contributing stories. Chance News uses Wikimedia software to allow readers to add articles or change existing articles using the edit option. This requires an account and login. To obtain an editing account, send an email message to wpeterso@middlebury.edu with subject "chance wiki account." You will receive an account confirmation in a few days from CAUSEweb. Instructions for changing your password are given below.

How to change your password: When already logged in with username and password

  1. Go to Special Pages (from left column, under toolbox heading).
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Your User data window should show up.
  4. Your real name, email and password can be changed

Don't forget to click Save preferences at the bottom left, when done.