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The basic unit of any wiki is the page. To add to or make changes in a page choose "edit" from the top of the page and make the desired additions or changes. Then choose "Show preview" from the bottom of the page.You will see two boxes. The top one will show what the additions or changes will look like and the bottom box has the source where you can make additional changes if necessary. When it is o.k. choose "Save page" and the previous page will be replaced by a page with your additions or changes. The original page will be kept as part of the history available by choosing "history" at the top of the page.

To add a new item to Current Chance News choose a name for our item. This can be the name used by the news media or it can be a name chosen by you. Then using edit, replace the first available "item x" by the name you chose. using edit as described above. Using "Show preview" check your change and when it is o.k. choose "Save page".

Now click on the name of your article and a blank page will come up. Using edit, add your comments to the page. Again using "Show preview" check you article and when it is o.k. choose "Save page"

For further help in editing a page choose Help from the side card.