How to submit a new article or edit an existing article

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We have a new issue of Chance News every two months. Each issue consists of a sequence of items all on the same page. To add a new item choose the current issue choose edit. Then go to the end of this issue and add ==foo== where foo is the name of your item. This will automatically add foo to the table of contents. The table of contents cannot be edited. Then while still in edit mode add your article. When you are in the edit mode you will see "Show preview" and "save" at the bottom of the article. Choose "Show preview" and see if you are happy with what your wrote. If so choose "back" from your browser and choose "save".

To modify a page choose "edit" from the top of the page and make the desired changes. Then choose "Show preview" from the bottom of the page. If you are satified with your changes choose "Save" at the bottom of the page. In the Summary box indicate the type of change you made. You can modify the content of the article or add discussion questions that you might think of while reading the artice. For additional help in editing a page, including how to add pictures, links, special characters, etc., choose "Help" from the side box.

To add a new article, choose a name for the article. This can be the name used by the news media or a name chosen by you. Then from the Main Page choose the most recent Chance News. Using "edit" add the name for your article to the list of the previous items. Note that we do not put a period at the end of the name. Then click on your title and a blank page will turn up. Choose edit from the top of this page and add the source of your article and your comments about it. The page Template provides examples of formating that you might meet in adding your article. To see the source you need to choose edit for this page. Additional help can be obtained from the Help page available from the sidebar or [here]

The "discussion" at the top of a page allows can be used to add comments related to that page. The discussion page for an article can be used for comments about the article, for the current Chance News page to suggest additional articles, and for the Main page to comment on the Chance Wiki itself.

Copyright. Since, in most cases, we are doing a critical analysis of an article, fair use should allow us to make reasonable quotes, graphics, images etc. from the article without the permission of the copyright owner. You can read one lawyer's interpretation of fair use as it applies to Chance News here. Of course we should be sure to give the source of anything we use. When you upload an image you will be asked to indicate if you are doing it under fair use or you have permission from the copyright owner and also to give the source. This information will be made known to the reader by clicking on the image.

Good luck and remember it will be easier next time!