How to submit a new article or edit an existing article

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The basic unit of any Wiki is the page. To make additions or changes to a page choose "edit" from the top of the page and make the desired additions or changes. Then choose "Show preview" from the bottom of the page.You will see two boxes. The top box will show what the page will look like with your additions or changes and, the bottom box has the source where you can make additional changes if necessary. In the Summary box at the bottom of the edit page indicate the type of change you made or the name of the article if you added an article. When satisfied that your additions or changes are o.k. choose "Save page". Do not leave the page until you have saved your changes!

The "history" at the top of a page has links to all versions of the page with its summary to help identify it. This makes it possible to revert to an earlier version of the page if someone adds nonsense. If you choose to login your edits will be attributed to you user name rather than your IP address. Login in is not necessary unless you want to upload an image.

The "discussion" at the top of a page allows you to add comments related to the content of the page. The discussion for the Main Page can be used to suggest articles that another reader might wish to add to Chance News, or to make general comments about the Chance Wiki.

To add a new article to Current Chance News, choose a name for your article. This can be the name used by the news media or a name chosen by you. Then from the Main Page choose the most recent Chance News. Using "edit" add the the name for your article to the list of the previous names using the same format as the previous names. Note that we do not put a period at the end of the name. Then click on your title and a blank page will turn up. Choose edit from the top of this page and add the source of the article and your comments about it. following the procedure for editing explained above.

There are two ways to add an image to your article. If it is already on the web you can simply put in the URL with no brackets. The image will then automatically be brought up and show on the page. The other way is to "import" the image. This requires that you registar. When you upload an image it is important to provide the source for the image and whether you have obtained permission from the copyright owner or whether you are using the image under fair use. Click here for an interpretation of fair use as we think it applied to chance news.

For further help in editing a page, including how to add pictures, links, special characters, etc., choose "Help" from the side box or click here.