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This is an experiment to see if we can put all of Chance-News (July August) on a single page to make it easier to print it out and to make a pdf version.

A Chance News item is a discription of an article in the media that uses probability or statistical concepts.

A Chance News normally consist of:

  • The source
  • A discussion of the article
  • Discussion questions.

New Chance News items and improvements to previous items are welcome for the Chance Wiki.

A sample Chance News


Numbers are like people; torture them enough and they'll tell you anything.


Frank Duckworth, editor of the Royal Statistical Society's newsletter RSS NEWS has given us permission to include items from their Forsooth column which they extract forsooth items from media sources.

Of course we would be happy to have readers add items they feel are worthy of a forsooth!

From the February 2005 RSS news we have:

Glasgow's odds (on a white Christmas)

had come in to 8-11, while Aberdeen was at 5-6, meaning snow in both cities

is considered almost certain.

BBC website
22 December 2004

From the May 2005 RSS News:

He tried his best--but in the end newborn Casey-James May missed out on a 48 million-to-one record by four minutes. His father Sean, grandfather Dered and great-grandfather Alistair were all born on the same date - March 2. But Casey-James was delivered at 12.04 am on March 3....

10 March 2005

In the US, those in the poorest households have nearly four times the risk of death of those in the richest.

Your World report
May 2004

What else might be included

  • Special handling requirements (how are eggs or butter stored? At what temperature should they be when cooking starts?)
  • Garnishing or serving advice (add a sprig of parsley for color).

Additional facts often included in recipes

Recipe writers often add additional facts about the recipe, and, depending upon who you are, they are considered redundant or essential.

Such facts may include the history of the dish, nutritional information, dietary information, philosophical ramblings about the soul-enriching or health-benefiting properties of the dish, or what wonderful hostess in what particular town first served the dish to the author.

Nutritional information normally includes food energy, vitamin content, fat content, etc.

Where are recipes to be found

People have written recipes as recipe cards, recipe books, recipes worked into needlepoint, and computer recipe databases, among others. Take notes when making your favorite dish and share your recipe in the list of recipes or Wikibooks cookbook.

The composer Leonard Bernstein set four recipes to music in his set of songs, La Bonne Cuisine (1947).

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