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Swine flu pandemonium III

"Fourth Connecticut Resident With Swine Flu Dies"
See Chance News 49 [1] for two earlier stories about swine flu in Connecticut.

A fourth Connecticut death has been "linked" to swine flu.

The person was between 40 and 49 years old and had underlying medical conditions that increased the risk for serious illness from flu, the state Department of Public health said.

To date there have been 767 confirmed cases of swine flu, 28 of the cases had been hospitalized, and 19 of the hospitalized were from the largest cities. All four deaths occurred in people with other medical problems who were hospitalized at the time of death.

Here is the data to date about Connecticut deaths from swine flu
1 death – 395 confirmed cases – June 4
2 deaths – 637 confirmed cases – June 11
3 deaths – 693 confirmed cases – June 15
4 deaths – 767 confirmed cases – June 17


1. Would you advise Connecticut residents to move out of large cities to avoid swine flu?
2. Would you advise Connecticut residents with swine flu to avoid hospitals?

Submitted by Margaret Cibes