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  • ...An individual piece of information by itself may not compromise someone's privacy, but will do so when it is combined with other pieces of information. Knowi ...not academic research -- it was a public opinion poll that is standard for policy development and used by politicians and nonprofits.</blockquote>
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  • Some privacy advocates have [ raised c ...e application of statistics to important medical, social, legal and public policy issues, including clinical drug trials, epidemiologic studies, economic mod
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  • ...subsamples of Census data to outside researchers. In order to protect the privacy of citizens, the records are altered slightly. For example, incomes may be ...rce is the government. And they illustrate how tricky it can be to balance privacy with accuracy.&quot;
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  • ...of the Communist party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department." (a) privacy, despite the “anonymizing” of results;<br>
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