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  • ...d against a "random" process to choose, buy, and sell stocks, which in the current version is achieved through the antics of a cat named ''Orlando''. "While t ...omparisons with the infusion group). No significant differences in adverse events among the three study groups were observed except for mild diarrhea and abd
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  • calculates that, if current trends continue, it is expected to reach ...ithdrawn from the study. A better indication of the strange collection of events depicted in this book comes from how Mayer first became interested in her q
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  • <blockquote> Events like this send a shiver down the spine, but the math behind strange coincid (B) the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index-All Urban Consumers (Current Series) from July of the first of those 3 academic years to July of the las
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  • ...t Bruce Beckwih at a conference in 1969 and the definition, which is still current, along with many others,was formulated at the conference by Beckwith and ot unlikely. So it's the same with these deaths. You have to say two unlikely events have happened and together it's very,
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  • Bayes ideas] about the prediction of future events from one or two examples were popular for a while, and have never been fund ...sed as a mathematical probability distribution of the frequency with which events of a particular magnitude happen.
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  • ...ok is especially timely reading for those among us who wonder how long the current bull market will continue. ...ines in the values of stocks. In fact, in an interview that appears in the current issue of "In The Vanguard", a publication sent to all shareholders of Vangu
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  • ...cience of Statistics. It is a rule, that the most casual and extraordinary events -- if the basis of population is broad enough -- become matter of fixed cal This is not current news, but since Supreme Court appointments are in the news we felt that the
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  • ...nvestors would have obtained large excess returns by trading on these mood events. ...ught to work, just because they made a mistake...People who follow current events by reading the papers and newsmagazines regularly can guess what is likely
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  • ...readers to some other aspects of the book and how it relates to subsequent events. ...ith providing "mild to moderate improvement in symptoms with fewer adverse events than finasteride (approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat ben
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  • ..."a small freshwater lake (148 km squared and a mean depth of 20 m)." The current name is Lake Kinneret but in Biblical days it was known as the Sea of Galil ...raw any conclusions regarding the implications of this study to the actual events that took place...Our springs ice calculations may or may not be related to
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  • ...e in means can lead to a significant difference in the probability of tail events. For example consider the probability that a randomly chosen member of on 5. The JAMA article states, "the current investigation used a nonrandomized design." Further, the study was complet
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  • ...rkets] and other such markets to predict the outcomes of elections, sports events, Oscar winners etc. independent events, the probability that the democrats take both is
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  • ...rkets] and other such markets to predict the outcomes of elections, sports events, Oscar winners etc. See for example [ independent events, the probability that the Democrats take both is
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  • link to the pdf).] This new study published in the current issue of the Social Science Quarterly by researchers from Princeton Univers ...alks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers or elsewhere? What is your current top choice?
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  • ...s behind the use of numbers in contemporary media events. For example, the current episode - at the time of writing - considers differences in the accuracy of 2. The current study was done in England and of the 740 mothers-to-be, 301 (approximately
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  • ...or 1/7,776 - one chance in 7,776. The much longer sequences of fortuitous events necessary for a new species or a ...rgument, however, is deeply flawed. Leaving aside the issue of independent events, I note that there are always a fantastically huge number of evolutionary p
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  • ...when there are three safer drugs on the market for reducing cardiovascular events." ...E or vitamin C supplementation decreases the risk of major cardiovascular events among men.” This “Physicians' Health Study II was a randomized, double
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  • <center>Events with a-million-to-one odds happen 295 times a ...nts called "Value at Risk" (VaR) and asks the question: did it lead to the current financial meltdown? While you should certainly read this article, it would
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  • 2. The current study was done in England and of the 740 mothers-to-be, 301 (approximately ...more actual applications and explanations of counter-intuitive probability events.
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  • <blockquote>[I]n all the events the researchers studied, Mr. Woods was the only golfer to win a tournament ...ling. A professor of global health at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, his current work focuses on dispelling common myths about the so-called developing worl
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