Flying Spaghetti Music: Monty Harper's studio for songwriting about science, math, and other topics!
    National Science Foundation: funder of Project SMILES: Student-Made Interactive Learning with Educational Songs in Introductory Statistics, awarded to Dennis Pearl, Lawrence Lesser, and John Weber.
    Noteflight: online software for creating musical scores on any device.


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Other Resources

  • BioSteve.com: the designer of the VOICES logos.

  • CAUSE Fun Collection: songs (and other fun resources) for teaching statistics.

  • Chord Finder: figure out how to accompany that catchy new melody!

  • Educating with Music: Relevant Reading: a bibliography of sources related to teaching STEM via music.

  • Musicians and Scientists: a quarterly newsletter from science communicator Eva Amsen, Ph.D.

  • PhysicsSongs.org: the URL pretty much says it all; maintained by Haverford physics professor Walter Smith.

  • RhymeZone: an online rhyming dictionary to help you make couplets out of STEM jargon like "heteroscedastic."

  • Sing About Science: a searchable database covering over 7000 STEM songs.

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  • VOICES on Facebook: an easy way to continue those scintillating conference conversations ... or start new ones!

  • Zamzar: free, fast conversion of audio and video files to various formats (MP3, WAV, etc.).