Call for Proposals

Thank you for your interest in the inaugural VOICES meeting, to be held online on September 27-28, 2017! If you are interested in contributing an online presentation, please complete the form below; note that, due to scheduling constraints, we are no longer accepting proposals for full presentations. All submissions meeting the original deadline of June 30, 2017 will be reviewed and responded to by July 31, 2017. We welcome all submissions relating to music and teaching any college-level STEM subject; however, attempts to address STEM as a whole are especially encouraged. Individuals may submit more than one proposal, though time constraints will limit the number of presentations we can accept. Please note that all presentations will be stored in a publicly accessible archive. Questions are welcome and may be directed to Dr. Greg Crowther ( or 206-290-8826).

Preferred presentation format (choose one):

  • Full Presentation: Half-hour webinar on a particular topic (20 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion). Format: live audio + slides OR live video (we can help with this if needed). Some presentations may be organized into panels addressing a common topic; individual presentations may be solo or team efforts as desired by the presenters.
  • Video Poster: Brief (maximum 5 minutes) presentation, to be posted on the website and displayed throughout VOICES and beyond. Conference attendees will be encouraged to view posters throughout the week, and to leave comments or questions for the poster presenter; presenters are encouraged to check their poster frequently and respond to questions/comments.
  • Song in Progress: A type of Virtual Poster in which the brief presentation is a draft of song on which you want feedback.
  • Songbirds-of-a-Feather Discussion: These discussions will take place during gaps in the program, providing opportunities to chat about any STEM music-related topic. Perfect for networking, exploring possible new collaborations, etc. Discussion leaders should be prepared to facilitate discussion (not give a presentation), invite those most likely to be interested, and use software (which can be downloaded for free) to host the discussion.
Topic category (check the 1-2 most relevant ones):
Topic category (check the 1-2 most relevant ones):

Online presenters should facilitate audience participation -- for example, by posing questions that audience members can answer via text/chat windows, and/or by conducting part of the session in a videoconference "breakout room." Please list any ideas you have for encouraging the participation of remote audience members.