This data set contains data obtained from “Acupuncture for chronic headache in primary care: large, pragmatic, randomized trial”, Andrew J Vickers, Rebecca W Rees, Catherine E Zollman, Rob McCarney, Claire M Smith, Nadia Ellis, Peter Fisher and Robbert Van Haselen, 2004 Mar 27;328(7442):744.

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Randomized Controlled Trial Acupuncture Therapy Description Mixed Effects Modeling


The Acupuncture dataset was contributed by Dr. Steven C. Grambow, Director, Duke Clinical Research Training Program and Assistant Professor, Duke University. Please refer to this resource as: Steven C. Grambow, “Acupuncture Dataset”, TSHS Resources Portal (2015). Available at


Chronic headaches (migraines and tension-type headaches), in addition to being miserable for its sufferers, are a significant public health challenge due to their associated costs (health, economic, and social). Available medications benefit some, while others seek alternative, non-pharmacologic, approaches.


This randomized controlled trial aimed to determine the effect of acupuncture therapy vs. no acupuncture therapy on headache, health status, days off sick, and resource use in patients with chronic headaches. These measures were assessed at randomization, 3 months post-randomization, and 1 year post-randomization.

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