Morro Bay, CA workshop

We are happy to announce an upcoming workshop on “Statistical Thinking in Undergraduate Biology,” where we will bring together faculty in biology and statistics from a range of institutions to discuss how statistical thinking is being taught and evaluated in undergraduate introductory biology courses. Goals for the workshop participants include gaining a better interdisciplinary perspective, hearing about more modern methods in both disciplines, discussing potential technology tools, and sharing and developing both assignments and assessments. This free workshop is sponsored by NSF-DBI-1730668.

The workshop will take place at the Inn at Morro Bay, in Morro Bay, CA from Friday September 7 (1PM)- Saturday September 8 (11am).

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Ideally, one biologist and one statistician would participate from each institution involved, with a goal of having workshop participants return to their campuses to share, discuss, and build on what they’ve learned at the workshop.

Individuals interested in participating should apply through the link below.

If you have questions, please contact Nathan Tintle ( or Beth Chance ( If you are in need of housing at the Inn at Morro Bay during the workshop we do have some rooms reserved and can, for a limited number of individuals, cover the cost. If you need lodging, we need that information by August 13.

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