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Using Computer Simulation Methods to Teach Statistics: A Review of the Literature

Author(s): Mills, J. D.

Type: Journal Article
Category: Research
Volume: 10(1)
Pages: Online
Year: 2002
Publisher/Journal: Journal of Statistics Education

Abstract: The teaching and learning of statistics has impacted the curriculum in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education. Because of this growing movement to expand and include statistics into all levels of education, there is also a considerable interest in employing effective instructional methods, especially for statistics concepts that tend to be very difficult or abstract. Researchers have recommended using computer simulation methods (CSMs) to teach these concepts; however, a review of the literature reveals very little empirical research to support the recommendations. The purpose of this paper is to summarize and critically evaluate the literature on how CSMs are used in the statistics classroom and their potential impact on student achievement. The recommendation is that more empirically and theoretically grounded research studies are needed to determine if these methods improve student learning.