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Venn Diagrams and Probability: 3 Subsets

This applet lets you highlight the set A, the set B, the set C, the universal set S, the empty set {}, the complement of A (Ac), the complement of B (Bc), the complement of C (Cc), the intersection of A and B (AB), the union of A and B (A or B), the intersection of the complement of A with B (AcB), the intersection of A with the complement of B (ABc), the intersection of A, B, and C (ABC), the union of A, B, and C (A or B or C), the intersection of Ac and B and C (AcBC), and the union of the complement of A and the intersection of B and C (Ac or BC). One can think of the relative area of a set to the area of S as a probability. You can drag the events A, B, and C around, which changes the probability of their intersection and of their union. This applet displays six conditional probabilities: P(A|B), P(Ac|B), P(B|A), P(A|BC), P(Ac|BC), and P(A|(B or C)). When the corresponding checkbox is ticked, the events whose probabilities are involved in computing the conditional probability are highlighted in contrasting colors.
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