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View Resource Quote: Koller on Noise

A quote to aid in discussing the foundational idea in statistics of the importance of understanding the nature of uncertainty. The quote is by Israeli-American educator, computer scientist, and co-founder of the Coursera online platform Daphne Koller (1968 - ). The quote is found in the May 3, 2008 New York Times story on Dr. Koller.
View Resource Quote: Etlinger on Creating Meaning

A quote to aid in discussing drawing meaning out of data and the ethical presentation of results. The quote is from Susan Etlinger (1962 - ) an industry analyst for the Altimeter Group from her September 2014 TED talk.
View Resource Quote: Flournoy on Experimentation

A quote to aid in discussing the ideas of adaptive experimental designs. The quote is by Statistician, and pioneer in adaptive design, Nancy Flournoy (1947 - ) from her 2015 interview by William Rosenberger in Statistical Science: "A Conversation with Nancy Floury."
View Resource Quote: Ebner-Eschenbach on Research

A quote to aid in discussing the meaning of research and how it should be tied to a goal. The quote is by Austrian writer Baroness Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830 – 1916) from her 1880 novel "Aphorisms."
View Resource Quote: Solnit on Information Overload

A quote to be used in discussing the need for “Big Data” visualization and analytic techniques to handle the information overload seen in some areas. The quote is by American writer Rebecca Solnit (1961 - ) from a 2013 essay called "Diary," in London Review of Books.
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