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View Resource Probability Sampling

This website lists five different types of probability sampling, giving the advantages and disadvantages of each.
View Resource **The t-test Tutorial: Comparing Cultures

This tutorial takes the learner step-by-step in applying descriptive and inferential statistics using a real world situation.
View Resource **Introduction to hypothesis testing -- The z-test

This exercise will help the user understand the logic and procedures of hypothesis testing. To make best use of this exercise, the user should know how to use a z table to find probabilities on a normal distribution, and how to calculate the standard error of a mean. Relevant review materials are available from the links provided. The user will need a copy of the hypothesis testing exercise...
View Resource Confidence Interval Game

This applet is meant to test a student's ability to estimate p values from confidence intervals.
View Resource Our version of Marden's Applet

Allows the user to click in a plane to add points. The goal is to reach a certain r correlational coefficient.
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