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View Resource Understanding Significance Level in Hypothesis Testing

Resource that explains the importance of the significance level in hypothesis testing, statistical significant results and significance levels, and type I and errors and level of significance.
View Resource Hypothesis Test Notes: P-value and Significance Level

Notes on hypothesis testing and how to interpret the p-value with respect to the significance level of a hypothesis test.
View Resource Type I and II Error and Significance Level

Covers topics of type I and II errors and significance levels. Common mistakes for these topics are given and the reasons they are incorrect are explained.
View Resource Alpha Level (Significance Level): What is it?

Text resource that covers what type I and II errors are, how to Calculate an Alpha Level for one- and two-tailed tests, and why an Alpha Level of .05 commonly used. There is also a video included at the beginning of the video to explain the topics.
View Resource Significance Level

Short description of what the significance level is and what it takes for a result to be statistically significant.
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