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This applet allows users to enter two sets of data and retrieve summary statistics on each set as well as a comparison of the two sets. The calculator returns sample size, mean, standard deviation, standard error, and 95% confidence limits for the mean. Key Words: Descriptive Statistics; Confidence Interval.
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Date Of Record Creation 2006-08-23 09:33:00
Date Last Modified 2006-08-23 09:35:00
Date Of Record Release 2006-08-23 09:33:00
Alternate Title Sample Size and Power calculations
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Date Issued 2002
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Typical Learning Time 4 min. 33 sec.
Author Name Dundee Scientific Ltd
Author Organization Dundee Scientific Ltd
General Comments Subpages still exist, but this one does not.
Technical Requirements Java-enabled browser.
Comments This applet is useful for introducing and generating dotplots, however, the lack of instructions on the website requires extra work from instructors to implement the applet effectively.
Content Quality (Concerns) While the applet is nice, I feel that it is somewhat simplistic. Once a student has guessed a few correlations, I don't know that they would have the impetus to continue trying to guess correlations or to look at other things in the applet. Specific directions for the students would be helpful. Also, there are no instructions on the activity page.
Content Quality (Strengths) The ability to change the sample size is nice. The availability of different plots is also nice. This tool is visual with immediate feedback.
Ease of Use (Concerns) Again, it seems that students may need instructions to be able to fully use this applet.
Ease of Use (Strengths) It's a nice applet with options other than just guessing correlations. The graphics are clear and understandable once the student knows what he or she is looking at. Once you understand what to do, it is very easy.
Potential Effectiveness (Concerns) The instructions for the applet are not entirely clear for a student who has not been shown the applet.
Potential Effectiveness (Strengths) This applet is effective for student learning and immediate feedback, since the students can see how close they guess the correlation.
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Statistical Topic
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