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This module provides an activity were students will attempt to explain how each of the following variables is related to child poverty within the United States: Race, Age, Family Type, Family Size, and Immigrant Status.
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Date Of Record Creation 2006-07-27 13:12:00
Date Last Modified 2013-01-25 17:49:00
Date Of Record Release 2006-07-27 13:12:00
Alternate Title ISCAM Files
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Date Issued 2002
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Typical Learning Time 4 min. 33 sec.
Author Name Kathy Rowell
Author Organization Sinclair Community College
General Comments Subpages still exist, but this one does not.
Technical Requirements Minitab
Comments Note: There are Ads by Google on the site; however, they are not intrusive.
Content Quality (Concerns) Several of the applets provide statistical techniques that are rarely seen in current introductory statistics books, such as the SD line and the 90% contour ellipse. Explanations and definitions of these techniques are not given and the reviewers could not verify the accuracy of these. A user may want to reference "Statistics" by Freedman, Pisani adn Purves (W.W. Norton and Company, 3rd edition, 1998) for background on these terms.
Content Quality (Strengths) A powerful illustration of the connection between scatterplots, correlation and regression. The instructor has a wide variety of tools available for illustrating various concepts.
Ease of Use (Concerns) There are few instructions or definitions of the items presented here. Although it is a minor point some controls take manual input but the some parts do not respond . For example the user could type a new number in the sample size window, which will change the number of points displayed but will not change the slider location.
Ease of Use (Strengths) The software is easy to use and very intuitive. Controls are large and obvious.
Potential Effectiveness (Concerns) This site does not provide any specific guidance for activities or demonstrations. This item would not be appropriate for assignment for out of class work without substantial instructor created materials. The instructor will also need to spend time carefully planning the in class use to best select the appropriate applet from this site.
Potential Effectiveness (Strengths) This set of applets have excellent potential as a demonstration tool. The use of Flash rather than Java allows the user to resize the applet to fit the screen, making projection for a class much easier. The use of Flash also allows the user to zoom in on specific parts of the applet which is typically not available for Java based applets.
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Statistical Topic
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