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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Multivariate Techniques

View Resource A Study of Demographic and Economic-Based Explanations For Variation In Street Robbery Rates In U.S.

Researchers studying crime suggest that there is substantial variation in the amount of serious crime across large urban jurisdictions such as central cities. There have been many attempts to account for crime variation. The following raises questions about how populations may be linked with crime variation. One key component of serious crimes involves those that are conceptualized as being...
View Resource An Introduction to Probability

This tutorial introduces the basic concepts of probability using various examples. Topics include interpreting probability, calibration experiments, interpreting odds, sample space, basic rules, equally likely outcomes, constructing probability tables, unions and complements, mean, and two-way probability tables. A link to activities is also given.
View Resource Elementary Statistics with R

This is an e-book tutorial for R. It is organized according to the topics usually taught in an Introductory Statistics course. Topics include: Qualitative Data; Quantitative Data; Numerical Measures; Probability Distributions; Interval Estimation; Hypothesis Testing; Type II Error; Inference about Two Populations; Goodness of Fit; Analysis of Variance; Non-parametric methods; Linear Regression;...
View Resource Exploring Relationships in Body Dimensions

This article presents a dataset containing physical measurements for 507 physically active individuals. These data can be used to demonstrate simple descriptive statistics, least squares and multiple regression, or discriminant and classification analysis. The data are in .dat format.
View Resource Gallery: Reinterpreting Gustave Caillebotte

A sketch by Anastasia Mandel reinterpreting "Fruit Displayed on a Stand" by Gustave Caillebotte (1882) with the statistical caption "Cluster analysis: apples to apples, nuts to nuts - a statistician's dream." This is part of a collection of sketches by Anastasia Mandel and their accompanying statistical captions written by Stan Lipovetsky and Igor Mandel that took first place in the cartoon &...
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