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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Multivariate Techniques

View Resource An Introduction to Probability

This tutorial introduces the basic concepts of probability using various examples. Topics include interpreting probability, calibration experiments, interpreting odds, sample space, basic rules, equally likely outcomes, constructing probability tables, unions and complements, mean, and two-way probability tables. A link to activities is also given.
View Resource Data Collection: Statistical Datasets from UMASS

"The purpose of this electronic service is to provide access to a collection of datasets suitable for teaching statistics. The datasets are stored either locally or on other computers throughout the world. The datasets have been organized by statistical technique to make it easier for you to find a dataset appropriate for your pedagogical needs. When a dataset is appropriate for several...
View Resource Dataset Example: Investigating Home Court Advantage

This article presents data from 1997 Big Ten Conference men's basketball games involving the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. The data can be used to demonstrate bivariate statistical inference techniques such as confidence regions, paired comparisons, and simultaneous confidence intervals. Key Word: Bivariate data; Scatterplot.
View Resource Dataset Example: NFL Y2K PCA

This article describes a dataset on the 2000 National Football League (NFL) regular season and the exploratory data analyses performed. Key Words: Multivariate analysis; Summary ranking measures
View Resource Dataset Example: The Statistics of Poverty and Inequality

This dataset contains a number of variables like birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, and Gross National Product for 97 countries. Suggested activities are geared toward non-mathematicians and include exploratory graphical analyses to answer several central questions. Key words: boxplot, scatterplot, population growth
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