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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- One Numerical Variable Methods

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View Resource A Positively Skewed Distribution

This assignment asks students to explore a set of data which is positively skewed. The data come from a survey of college students asking how vulnerable they feel about the loss of a parent.
View Resource Career Records for All Modern Position Players Eligible for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

The dataset described in this article contains data on retired Major League Baseball players, eligible for the MLB Hall of Fame. The data can be used to illustrate descriptive statistical methods (numerical, graphical, and tabular) or inferential statistics (hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, etc.). The data is in .dat format.
View Resource Explanatory Style and Athletic Performance

As described in the web page itself: "This document was prepared as an illustration of the use of both t tests and correlation/regression analysis in drawing conclusions from data in an actual study." The study compares athletic performance of swimmers that are optimists vs. pessimists.
View Resource Files for "Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, And Methods"

This page contains applets and data files that supplement the text "Investigating Statistical Concepts, Applications, And Methods." The applets and files are organized according to chapter; each data file is available in Minitab or text format.
View Resource How Random is Random?

This site is a tutorial that takes students through a mayoral election process while discussing the concept of randomness. Topics include margin of error and confidence levels.
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