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View Resource Adapting and Implementing Innovative Materials in Statistics (AIMS)

The AIMS project developed lesson plans and activities based on innovative materials that have been produced in the past few years for introductory statistics courses. These lesson plans and student activity guides were developed to help transform an introductory statistics course into one that is aligned with the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) for...
View Resource Additional Datasets for "A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis"

This webpage presents three new datasets to accompany the book "A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis" by Chatterjee, Handcock and Simonoff. The datasets address salaries of major league baseball players, state aid to Nassau County public schools, and the success of teams in the National Hockey League, 1995-1996. The datasets are available in Minitab, Text, and Statistix...
View Resource Additional SOCR Resources

This page provides links to distribution calculators, conceptual demonstration applets, statistical tables, online data analysis packages, function and image-processing tools, and other online computing resources. Key Words: Binomial; Normal; Exponential; Chi-Square; Geometric; Hypergeometric; Negative Binomial; Poisson; Student's T; F-Distribution; Wilcoxon Rank-Sum; Central Limit Theorem;...
View Resource Advanced Statistics - Biology 603 - Labs

This page lists the laboratories and java projects for a course in advanced statistics.
View Resource Advanced Statistics - Biology 603 - Lectures

This site provides links to lecture outlines for an upper-level statistics class. Topics include hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression.
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