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Probability -- Limit Theorems -- Laws of Large Numbers

View Resource **Histogram Explorer

This applet is designed to allow users to explore the relationship between histograms and the most typical summary statistics. The user can choose from several types of histograms (uniform, normal, symmetric, skewed, etc.), or can create their own by manipulating the bars of the histogram. The statistics available for display are mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, and interquartile...
View Resource Advanced Statistics - Biology 603 - Lectures

This site provides links to lecture outlines for an upper-level statistics class. Topics include hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression.
View Resource Basic Multiple Regression Analysis Tool

This page will perform basic multiple regression analysis for the case where there are several independent predictor variables, X1, X2, etc., and one dependent or criterion variable, Y. Requires import of data from a spreadsheet.
View Resource Belief in the Law of Small Numbers

This journal article gives examples of erroneous beliefs about probability. It specifically examines the belief that a random sample must be representative of the true population.
View Resource Cartoon: Scatterplot Outlier

A cartoon to teach about outliers in scatterplots. The cartoon is #114 in the "Life in Research" series at Free to use with attribution in the classroom or on course websites.
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