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Data Collection -- Data Management and Organization

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View Resource **Histogram Explorer

This applet is designed to allow users to explore the relationship between histograms and the most typical summary statistics. The user can choose from several types of histograms (uniform, normal, symmetric, skewed, etc.), or can create their own by manipulating the bars of the histogram. The statistics available for display are mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, and interquartile...
View Resource Against all Odds: 1. What is Statistics?

This free online video program uses historical anecdotes and contemporary applications to introduce the series which "explores the vital links between statistics and our everyday world. The program also covers the evolution of the discipline." This individual video is accessed by scrolling down to the "Individual Program Descriptions - 1. What is Statistics?" and click the "VOD" icon at the...
View Resource Against All Odds: 2. Picturing Distributions

With this free online video program, "students will see how key characteristics in the distribution of a histogram - shape, center, and spread - help professionals make decisions in such diverse fields as meteorology, television programming, health care, and air traffic control. Through a discussion of the advantages of back-to-back stem plots, this program also emphasizes the importance of...
View Resource Against All Odds: 3. Describing Distributions

This free online video program "examines the difference between mean and median, explains the use of quartiles to describe a distribution, and looks to the use of boxplots and the five-number summary for comparing and describing data. An illustrative example shows how a city government used statistical methods to correct inequity between men's and women's salaries." This individual video is...
View Resource Cartoon: Confidence

A cartoon to teach about the interpretation of confidence in inference. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on an idea from Dennis Pearl (The Ohio State University). Free to use in the classroom and on course web sites.
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