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Probability -- Elementary Probability -- General Rules

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View Resource Normal Tool

This applet demonstrates probability as the area under the normal and the standard normal curves. Students can manipulate mean, standard deviation, and lower and upper bounds to find probabilities.
View Resource Online Statistical Tools

This collection of online analysis tools allows users to compute probabilities from various distributions and to generate random numbers. Other tools include Probability and Bayes' rule calculators and an Event counter. Each tool provides instructions and review materials. Key Words: Binomial distribution; Hypergeometric distribution; Multinomial distribution; Negative binomial distribution;...
View Resource Probability Models

This site gives an explanation, a definition and an example of probability models. Topics include components of probability models and the basic rules of probability.
View Resource Quote: Thurber on Probability

A pinch of probability is worth a pound of perhaps. A quote by American humorist and cartoonist James Thurber (1894 - 1961). The quote appeared in "Such a Phrase as Drifts Through Dreams," a short story in Thurber's last book, "Lanterns and Lances", Harper Publishing, 1961. The quote also appears in "Statistically Speaking: A dictionary of quotations" compiled by Carl Gaither and Alma...
View Resource Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics Confidence Intervals

This applet simulates sampling from a population with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10. For each sample, the 95% and 99% confidence intervals on the mean are computed based on the sample mean and sample standard deviation. Exercises accompany the applet to help students understand what confidence intervals mean.
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