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Probability -- Elementary Probability -- General Rules

Statistical Topic Classifications
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Conditional Probability (25)
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View Resource Independent Group t-Test

This tutorial on the Two Sample t test includes its definition, assumptions, hypotheses, and results as well as tests for equal variance and graphical comparisons. An example using output from the WINKS software is given, but those without the software can still use the tutorial. An exercise is given at the end that can be done with any statistical software package.
View Resource Let's Make a Deal Applet

This applet illustrates probability using the game "Let's Make a Deal." As students play the game the computer keeps track of the wins and losses, asking students to make their own inferences about the probability of winning with different strategies. An article and an alternative source for this applet can be found at
View Resource Martindale's Calculators

This comprehensive collection of calculators provides users with resources for everything from introductory statistics to advanced statistical methods. Users can search by the following categories: Dictionaries, Courses with Calculators and Applets, Courses All Inclusive, and Statistics A-Z. Users can also search by the following statistical specialties: Agriculture, ANOVA, ANCOVA, Bayesian,...
View Resource New Confidence Interval Applet

This simulation applet shows groups of confidence intervals for a given alpha based on a standard normal distribution. It shows how changes in alpha affect the proportion of confidence intervals that contain the mean. An article and an alternative source for this applet can be found at
View Resource Normal Distribution (Engineering Statistics Handbook)

This section of the Engineering Statistics Handbook gives the normal probability density function as well as the standard normal distribution equations. Example graphs of the distributions are shown and a justification of the Central Limit Theorem is included.
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