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Data Collection -- Sampling and Survey Issues -- Survey Methods

View Resource Binomial Probabilities

The page will calculate the following: Exact binomial probabilities, Approximation via the normal distribution, Approximation via the Poisson Distribution. This page will calculate and/or estimate binomial probabilities for situations of the general "k out of n" type, where k is the number of times a binomial outcome is observed or stipulated to occur, p is the probability that the outcome will...
View Resource Central Limit Theorem

Illustrates the central limit theorem by allowing the user to increase the number of samples in increments of 100, 1000, or 10000.
View Resource Chi-Square Sampling Distribution Generator

This page generates a graph of the Chi-Square distribution and displays the associated probabilities. Users enter the degrees of freedom (between 1 and 20, inclusive) upon opening the page.
View Resource Confidence Intervals for Means

This applet simulates finding confidence intervals for the mean of a normal random variable. A sample of size 20 is generated from a standard normal random variable. The blue marks represent the sample data. The sample mean X and sample standard deviation s are found and used to calculate the confidence interval. The black intervals are the confidence intervals which include the true mean 0, and...
View Resource Mathematics

A collection of links to video workshops for students in mathematics. Includes many topics from statistics to math and science to algebra.
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