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Probability -- Stochastic Processes -- Markov Chains

View Resource ** Guessing Correlations

This is a basic web application that allows practice with matching points on a scatterplot to the appropriate correlation coefficient, r. Applet provides four scatterplots to match with four numeric correlations via radio buttons. After making selections, students click to see "correct" answers and keep a running total of proportion of correct matches, then may select four more plots.
View Resource Basic Sample Stats Calculator

The page calculates summary statistics for any dataset. Users will be prompted for sample size when opening this page. The calculator returns mean, sum of X, sum of X^2, variance, standard deviation, and standard error. Key word: Descriptive statistics.
View Resource Bayes' Theorem: Conditional Probabilities

To perform calculations using Bayes' theorem, enter the probability for one or the other of the items in each of the following pairs (the remaining item in each pair will be calculated automatically). A probability value can be entered as either a decimal fraction such as .25 or a common fraction such as 1/4
View Resource Central Limit Theorem

This applet allows the user to choose from several discrete distributions and to see what happens to the distribution of a sum of these random variables. The labels on the x-axis are misleading for underlying distributions, such as the geometric, which cannot be negative.
View Resource Chart Construction Kit

The JCCKit is a small (
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