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Probability -- Elementary Probability

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Counting Methods for Probability (12)
General Rules (108)
Random Variables (34)
Sample Space and Sets (22)

View Resource Independent Samples t-Test: Chips Ahoy vs. Supermarket Brand

In this hands-on activity, students count the number of chips in cookies in order to carry out an independent samples t-test to see if Chips Ahoy?? cookies have a higher, lower, or different mean number of chips per cookie than a supermarket brand. First there is a class discussion that can include concepts about random samples, independence of samples, recently covered tests, comparing two...
View Resource International Statistical Institute Glossary of Statistical Terms

This site shows the ISI's alphabetical list of technical terms in statistics showing the translation in a number of languages.
View Resource Introduction to Cryptography: Games and Programs

This is a collection of applets including Let's Make A Deal, Let's Make a Deal II, Monkey Words, Entropy, Vigenere, Rectangular Transposition, and Monoalphabetic Substitution.
View Resource JMP Tutorials

This site has Youtube video tutorials and screen capture tutorials about how to make graphical displays and perform statistical tests using JMP.
View Resource Joke: Execution delayed

A joke that might be used in comparing Bayesian and frequentist interpretations of probability attributed to statistician Xiao-Li Meng.
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