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Probability -- Elementary Probability

Statistical Topic Classifications
Counting Methods for Probability (20)
General Rules (132)
Random Variables (47)
Sample Space and Sets (32)

View Resource ASA Brochure on Careers in Statistics

This brochure, put out by the American Statistical Association, includes information about fields that employ statisticians, how to become a statistician, and famous statisticians in history.
View Resource Bernoulli distribution applet

This applet illustrates the Bernoulli Distribution via flipping coins. The user can control the number of samples, the probability of heads and prior probability. Besides graphical representation, the estimated probabilities will also be shown in an output plane.
View Resource Bernoulli Trials

This PowerPoint presentation introduces Bernouli trials through binomial distributions. The original presentation is available for download.
View Resource Boxplot

This site give a definition and an example of boxplots. Topics include outliers, medians, as well as lower and upper quartiles.
View Resource Breaking A Monoalphabetic Encryption System Using a Known Plaintext Attack

This applet illustrates the codebreaking process using a chi-squared process.
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