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Statistical Topic Classifications
Elementary Probability (270)
Limit Theorems (95)
Multivariate Distributions (141)
Probability Measures (11)
Simulation (166)
Stochastic Processes (78)
Univariate Distributions (376)

View Resource A search engine for R help is a search engine for R resources. Type any topic in the search box, and get resources that are R specific. You can further narrow your search to just articles, books, packages, support, or "for beginners."
View Resource A Statistician's Life

In this September 2009 article from AMSTAT news, several statisticians share the stories of how they chose careers in statistics.
View Resource Additional SOCR Resources

This page provides links to distribution calculators, conceptual demonstration applets, statistical tables, online data analysis packages, function and image-processing tools, and other online computing resources. Key Words: Binomial; Normal; Exponential; Chi-Square; Geometric; Hypergeometric; Negative Binomial; Poisson; Student's T; F-Distribution; Wilcoxon Rank-Sum; Central Limit Theorem;...
View Resource Against all Odds: 1. What is Statistics?

This free online video program uses historical anecdotes and contemporary applications to introduce the series which "explores the vital links between statistics and our everyday world. The program also covers the evolution of the discipline."
View Resource Age Discrimination?

In this handout, students are asked to compare the ages of terminated employees to the ages of retained employees. Students will use the comparison to decide if the data supports the conclusion of age discrimination.
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