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Data Presentation -- One Numerical Variable -- Graphical Displays

View Resource **ANOVA Simulation

The two worksheets enable instructors to demonstrate how changes in the magnitude of the treatment effects and of the standard deviation of the error term will impact significance in a One-Way ANOVA model. The user specifies three input values that influence the simulation of random observations. ANOVA calculations are provided for the student, leaving the focus on the interpretation of the...
View Resource **Dotplot Summaries Applet

This applet generates dotplots for different data sets and allows users to guess the location of various measures of center and spread. Clicking "Resample" produces a dotplot of random data generated by the applet. A dotplot of user-input data can be generated by clicking "Edit Data" and typing or copy and pasting the data in the textbox. To guess the mean, median, standard deviation, and...
View Resource **Histogram Explorer

This applet is designed to allow users to explore the relationship between histograms and the most typical summary statistics. The user can choose from several types of histograms (uniform, normal, symmetric, skewed, etc.), or can create their own by manipulating the bars of the histogram. The statistics available for display are mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, and interquartile...
View Resource **Levels of Measurement Game

This tool provides individuals with opportunities to quiz themselves on levels of measurement in a game-like environment much like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."
View Resource Analysis Tool Create a Graph: Pie Charts

This resource defines a pie chart. It also allows the user to input values to create their own graphs. The user has control over the title, up to 15 slices, the color of each slice, and can choose a 3-D option.
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